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Information on Spaceballs and their use in constructing panel doors .

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Panel Rattle

Image  SpaceBalls also eliminate annoying panel rattle. Panel rattle occurs when a door panel shrinks due to low humidity conditions. This small amount of shrinkage allows the panel to move in the door frame, causing the rattle sound. This rattle can be heard as doors are closed. When SpaceBalls are incorporated in the door frames, panels are cushioned and always supported, avoiding ” panel rattle “. The door is solid and soundless, always cushioned, centered.



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Who’s Building What ?

It is always interesting to see what fellow Woodworkers are up to. Mike Land had placed a link to our website when he was using
SpaceBalls in one of his projects …………


This mission style dresser is looking beautiful!  Wish Mike had posted a picture of the finished project !  Check out his website for his plans and building description.


Thanks Mike, for letting us show off your project !


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EZBall Insertion Gun

The EZBall Insertion Gun
This handy light-weight insertion gun can be a real helper in any shop … large or small.  The EZBall Insertion Gun quickly inserts SpaceBalls into the dado of your stiles and rails ! No more time consuming manual/hand installing.  All you need is compressed air … 80 – 140 psi !  Good to go …. !


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Shipping …..

Image       Image  dicomlogo  Image


Customer Feedback:

“Thank you for your attention to the order… I buy lots of
items online, and this is the best feedback I have ever
received on an order.”

Shawn Cosman, Salmon Arm, BC

Ah …. Shipping …. one of the things that adds to your cost and it never seems to go down !  Rates seem to constantly go up and sometimes the delivery service isn’t so great !  At Black Bridge, we try to ship same day as we receive your order, but depending on the order time, same day shipping may not occur !  Orders are shipped with a tracking number, when possible, and we try to follow the progress of your order to ensure a timely delivery.

Phone/Fax/Interent orders, come directly to “our” sales desk, shipping costs are checked for lowest rate by Post and UPS (our regular carriers). Purolator or Dicom are available. We try to find the best rate and advise you if there is a better rate with one or the other. COD’s always increase the cost, as each carrier wants a collection fee. This collection fee differs with each carrier ranging from $5 to $12.  Larger orders are shipped with insurance coverage, in case the shipment goes missing !

With our PayPal Online Store … shipping is by Post or UPS ! To keep your cost down, shipping is calculated using a percentage of the product value. We have done the research and have it calculating as close to actual as we can.

All Freight costs are calculated with Post/UPS Online Calculators, the best value shipping (cost/time) is what we use.

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General Information and Installation

SpaceBalls are used in the manufacture of solid wood panel doors.
They easily install into the stiles and rails, with a friction fit,
insuring that they will not fall out during assembly. Once in place
standard door construction is continued.

SpaceBalls keep the door panel centered. No more problems with
unsightly reveal lines if the panel moves during the finishing process.

SpaceBalls will compress and expand. They are made of a rubber
material that has a memory, returning to it’s original round shape.

SpaceBalls will float and center door panels during seasonal humidity changes.

Insertion Procedure:    For 1/4″ SpaceBalls

1/4″ SpaceBalls need a “minimum” spacing of 5/32” per side. If you cut
your stiles and crossers, as you would normally do for your panel
doors……then cut your panels 5/32″ smaller on all sides, this
will leave the minimum space for proper installation and the SpaceBalls
will be able to expand and contract as needed.

Please Note: If you are using a curved bottom dado slot this spacing
must be increased to a minimum of 7/32 ” on all sides

We recommend 2 balls per side ( possibly 3 if the door is very tall
or wide). The SpaceBalls will be compressed when the door is assembled
and will expand and compress with the movement of the wood.

It is advisable to keep the humidity content of the wood under
consideration when constructing your doors. It is advisable to do a test run.

Flat Bottom Dado:

Example :

if the Rail measures 10 1/2” the panel should be 10 3/16”

Curved Bottom Dado:


if the Rail measures 9″  the panel should be 8 9/16”


Visit our website for installation for 3/16″ and 5mm


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Google lost us !

sadfaceAs you may of seen, we use to have our blog with “Blogger” but when Google+ was launched, our blog was lost in cyberspace !  After searching, for days, in Google help, we accepted that we were lost and decided to move !  Google Cyberspace has no place for human communication nor email help ….  we do !  If you ever need to talk to a human voice …. about “working with Spaceballs”  … we will be happy to answer your call and try to help …. 1-800-826-8912

We are in the process of transfering all information to our new blog home… !!!

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Welcome to our blog !


Our intent is to be able to give advice, collect your comments and feedback, answer questions and offer general information about SpaceBalls.  Feel free to post your comments…good and bad ! With your permission, we will share your thoughts and try to help with any problems.

Thanks for visiting and hope to hear from you .